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Since its establishment in 2012, Rwanda Institute of Architects has a primary mission of regulating, scaling and promoting core values of the profession of Architecture in Rwanda. we aim at…

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In accordance with the law No: 26/2012 governing the profession of Architecture and establishing the Rwanda Institute of Architects, Article 6: Requirements for admission to practice the profession of Architecture in Rwanda, in section 3,4. And Article 8: Admission of legal entities to provide architecture services, and the Article 38: Sanctions imposed on persons who are not members of the Institute.

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Keep Building a better Country with RIA With over 200 members, RIA is one of the most reputable and fast growing community of professionals in the built environment in Rwanda. Together we’re taking on urgent issues like create next generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving buildings to make our communities much healthier, safer, sustainable and wealthier. Its design Rwanda needs now and in numbers that can make a lasting impact. You’re an important part of this work.

RIA is here to support your career, enhance your practice, and advance the architecture and allied profession. Renew your membership and stay connected to everything RIA has to offer. And let’s keep designing a better Rwanda, together.

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Phone: (+250) 788 753 224

Email: info@ria.rw

9th floor, Ecobank Building

KN 3 Ave, Kigali-Rwanda

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