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We support policies that promote prosperous, healthy and livable communities—places where housing, retail, schools, and employment are accessible to all.

Our focus

Reforming community planning policy

We champion livable communities. Places where it is easy to walk or bike to schools and grocery stores and where there is room for wildlife, culture and sports.

That is why we support reforming federal transportation and housing policies to get our communities moving again—repairing crumbling infrastructure, reviving historic neighborhoods and main streets and creating healthier places to live.

Planning healthier neighborhoods

We advocate for policies that unite architects, public health experts and communities in creating healthier ways to live and work. For instance, public health research shows that 95 percent of Americans’ time is spent indoors—so we’re developing new design standards and practices that ensure communities have safe, appealing places to walk, exercise and play.

Building community resilience

We work with communities and legislators at all levels to help communities value and protect what is unique—and ensure they can rise up again if the worst happens. We assist in resiliency planning and disaster recovery that include all voices and help communities come back even stronger than before.

Preservation and redevelopment

Tax incentives for historic preservation not only protect the cultural resources and shared history our spaces represent: They bring huge economic returns on investment for our communities. We are fighting to safeguard and enhance policies that promote preservation and reuse, including the Federal Historic Tax Credit.

We also work toward redevelopment that respects community, creates jobs and leverages private funding—so communities can transform unused spaces into successful businesses and gathering places.