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Rwanda Architecture Week Prospectus 2021

by ria
Rwanda Architecture Week Prospectus 2021

Since its establishment in 2012, the Rwanda Institute of Architects has upheld a primary mission of regulating, scaling and promoting core values of the profession of Architecture in Rwanda. We aim at deepening the understanding of the discipline and raising the awareness o/f the profession. This is done through fostering and stimulating outstanding and ethical practices among architecture practitioners and Allied design professionals.

In the 27 years that Rwanda has been rebuilding, the Institute has played a key role in providing technical advice, professional development trainings and coaching to its members and allied professionals in different settings. We look forward to creating skillful and reputable Architecture professionals who can cope with the current market needs and significantly contribute to the rapid urban growth that our cities face, by creating adequate and functional places where people live, learn, work, pray and play.

The community of Architects in Rwanda proficiently designs spaces that heal us and production places that sustain us. We create the next generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving buildings to make our communities healthier, safer, sustainable and wealthier. Architects work with clients, allied design professionals and construction partners to improve the built environment in one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

RIA’s contribution in the overall growth and success initiatives of the country is enormous. We play a part in the design and construction of major infrastructure that promotes and provides for the good culture of doing business at ease countrywide; from residential, healthcare, commercial, public, industrial, landscape, interior design, green technologies and material innovations.

Now more than ever, the collective voice of architects and allied professionals is essential for designing a better future for our country, the region and for the entire planet as a whole. We stay true to our mission and values at all cost and stand at the front line with our partners in different strata; from policymakers to private sector actors who are committed to a better built-environment and a prosperous architectural profession.

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