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by ria

Sustainability. Architects design for it every day.

Despite the proven and positive impact of good sustainable design on the built environment, and on the overall environment, more needs to be done to incentivize it. That’s why RIA is beginning a new push for federal public policy that supports sustainability in the built environment.

Want to help or get involved? RIA needs architects to educate their U.S. Senators and Congressman/woman about a new proposal to incentivize developers and building owners to employ sustainable design practices. Send either a tweet or quick email to your elected officials on this page about the proposal. Since you are a constituent, your direct input will have a great impact. In fact, RIA’s federal relations team will cite your message when they approach your elected officials.

Ask your colleagues to visit this page and send a tweet or email message, too! This is definitely a “strength-in-numbers” situation, so please help spread the word to take action!